Role Of Wedding Master Of Ceremonies For The Novice MC

Introduction - Role Of Wedding Master Of Ceremonies If you're a novice who has little experience, it's helpful to know the role of the Wedding Master of Ceremonies if you've been chosen as one since you'll play an important part as the key person running the reception. A frequently asked question is, "What does an MC do at a wedding?" because most people have been to a … [Read more...]

Wedding MC Checklist – Tip #14

• Ask The Wedding Planners If There Are Any Special Guests To Acknowledge At The Wedding Reception • Many times the bride and groom will have special guests on their wedding guest list. As one of your Wedding MC Duties you should determine whether you'll be required to make any special announcements or acknowledgements about these special guests. You'll need … [Read more...]

Wedding MC Checklist – Tip #13

• Prepare Your Introduction Notes For Out-Of-Town Guests • Another of your Wedding MC Duties might be to introduce out-of-town guests at the reception. It's gracious to acknowledge important wedding guests, especially if they've traveled a long way or are particularly close to the bride and groom. Be sure to interview the wedding planners and bride and groom … [Read more...]

Wedding MC Checklist – Tip #12

• Prepare Your Head Table Introduction Sheets • As part of your Wedding MC Duties you'll be responsible for introducing the members of the head table to the wedding guests at the wedding reception. You'll therefore need to gather background information on each member of the head table as you prepare for your wedding mc duties. Keep in mind that as Wedding MC … [Read more...]

Wedding MC Checklist – Tip #10

• Prepare for contingencies • You're optimistic that everything will go as planned. But sometimes something unexpected happens. The weather changes for the worse. There's no podium. Or the sound system doesn't work - and it's a big wedding reception hall. Make sure you have contingency plans in place after discussions with the wedding planners. The more … [Read more...]

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