Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

How To Create A Memorable
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speech
To Honor The Bride And Groom

Your wedding rehearsal dinner speech is just as important as the speech you give at the wedding reception.

In fact, it will have many of the characteristics of the one you give at the reception.

It can be funny

It can be sentimental

And it can be a combination of both humor and sentiment.

And like your tribute at the reception, it will honor the bride and groom.

What distinguishes this particular presentation is the setting where it is delivered.

The wedding rehearsal dinner will typically have fewer guests – usually close friends and relatives including key members of the bridal party.

It’s a more intimate setting and less formal than that which is found at the wedding reception.

Even so, your tribute at the wedding rehearsal dinner requires thought and preparation to suit the setting and the nature of the gathering.

Tips For Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speech

Here are 9 tips for delivering your wedding rehearsal dinner speech

1. Keep it short. Focus on one topic or theme. Don’t ramble. The other guests will appreciate your conciseness and brevity as well as your heartfelt words.

2. Include both the bride and groom. If you’re the father of the bride, for example, you’ll obviously focus on the bride. But be sure to include the groom so he doesn’t feel left out.

3. Keep the mood of your wedding rehearsal dinner speech upbeat, light, and happy. This is a time to celebrate with two people you care about or love very much.

4. Choose the right words that express your sentiments – your love, your pride, your friendship, and your joy.

5. Save your best – and lengthier – material for the wedding reception. If you’re the best man, for example, the traditional “character assassination” of the groom takes place at the wedding reception.

6. Be prepared with two wedding tributes – one at the rehearsal dinner and the other at the reception. Your duties don’t end with the wedding rehearsal dinner. Chances are you’ll also be required to give a tribute at the reception as well.

7. End your rehearsal dinner presentation with a different toast than the one you’ll use at the reception. Your wedding toast should suit your tribute and there should be a smooth transition to the toast.

8. Honor the bride-to-be and groom-to-be by being well-prepared. Wedding speech templates (which include wedding jokes and wedding toasts) are perfect for helping you choose the right words to convey how you feel about the bride and groom.

9. Spend time practicing so your presentation sounds natural and “unrehearsed.”

Click on a link below for Wedding Speech Templates, Wedding Toasts Samples, and Wedding Jokes to create your memorable wedding rehearsal dinner speech and wedding toast to the future bride and groom…

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Father of Bride

Father of the Groom

Mother of Bride

Maid of Honor

I wish you every success with your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speech!

~ Mark ~

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