Groom’s Emergency Kit

Sometimes things happen. That’s why every groom should have a selection of items in his Emergency Kit on his wedding day.

Download your personal copy of the Groom’s Emergency Kit Checklist below (you can then easily print it out for future reference):

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Groom’s Emergency Kit

Groom's Emergency Kit Checklist

Groom’s Emergency Kit

Here is a list of essential items for the groom to take with him on his wedding day.

It’s suggested that you create your Groom’s Emergency Kit at least one week before your wedding day.

The Essentials:

Cell phone and charger (make sure it’s turned off during the ceremony and reception!)
Driver’s license and credit card(s)
Money (small bills and coins) for tips and miscellaneous payments
Wedding rings (to be given to best man for safekeeping)
Wedding license (and pen)
Payment envelopes (for wedding vendors, officiant, church organist, and other key players)


Dark dress socks to match suit or tuxedo (extra one or two pairs)
Extra shirt buttons (white) and thread that matches shirt
Extra pair of cufflinks
Ironed (and clean) white handkerchief
Lint brush
Sewing kit (needle, “invisible” and colored thread that matches suit or tuxedo, thimble, scissors)
Shoe shining kit (polish, brush, shining cloth)
Shoe laces (extra pair)

Toiletries and Personal Care Items:

Headache remedy | Antacid or stomach relief remedy
Comb or hair brush | Styling gel for hair
Allergy medication
Prescription drugs
Adhesive bandages | Moleskin cloth (for blisters and cuts) [Break in your shoes before your wedding day!]
Breath mints or mouthwash/mouth spray
Toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss
Insect repellent (if holding ceremony and/or reception outdoors)
Contact lens solution and extra pair of contact lenses (if required)
Glasses | Eye drops
Shaving kit | Mustache or beard trimmer
Moist towelettes


Bottled water | Favorite energy snack
Emergency telephone | Cell phone numbers (bridal party and service providers | vendors)
Umbrella or raincoat (for inclement weather)
Your Groom’s Wedding Thank You Speech

Click the link below to download your personal copy of the…
Groom’s Emergency Kit

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