Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency Kit

Every bride should have an Emergency Kit for her wedding day. Bring it with you or ask your Maid/Matron of honor to bring it for you to the ceremony and reception venue.

Download your personal copy of the Bride’s Emergency Kit Checklist below (you can then easily print it out for future reference):

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Bridal Emergency Kit

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Bridal Emergency Kit

Your Bridal Emergency Kit can be a life saver on your wedding day.

It covers 6 major sections including Beauty, Makeup, Attire, Medical, and more.


Hair brush, hair spray, comb, and curling iron
Bobby pins and other hair accessories
Clear nail polish | Nail polish remover
Nail file, nail clippers, tweezers
False nails, colored nail polish, nail glue, and toothpicks


Dusting powder
Makeup – all items – and makeup remover
Small towels and face towels (2 or 3 of each)
Tissues | Mirror


Panty hose (extras in right size and color)
Nipple concealers in case of wardrobe malfunctions
Safety pins – of all sizes – from large to small
Iron and towel or pressing cloth | steamer (if recommended by bridal salon)
Stain | Spot remover (recommended by bridal salon) | Static cling spray
Slippers and shoe horn | Super Glue(R) for broken heels
Alternative shoes for reception (make sure shoes are “broken in” before wedding day)
Earring backs

Sewing Kit

Needles, pins, thimble, and scissors
Thread – colored, white, and “invisible” – for all of the gowns and dresses
Fabric tape (double-sided) for emergency “hemming” | Fast drying glue

Medical | Personal

Prescription medications | Allergy medication
Headache remedies
Antacids or other stomach relief
Smelling salts
Tampons | Feminine hygiene products
Antiseptic, cotton balls, and clear hypoallergenic bandages
Suntan lotion | Hand lotion
Breath mints and candy
Toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash
Soap and/or hand sanitizer | Deodorant
Glasses or contact lens solution | Eye drops

Sundry Items

Bottled drinking water | Favorite energy snack
Emergency telephone | Cell phone numbers (bridal party and service providers | vendors)
Cell phone (make sure charged up) and/or coins for pay phone
Moist towelettes and bathroom tissue
Your Bride’s Wedding Speech

Click link below to download your personal copy of the…
Bridal Emergency Kit

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