Funny Best Man Speech Tips

Zaniest Best Man Speech Tips
Ever Revealed

Are you the lucky person who has been asked to give a Best Man Speech?

If so, congratulations. This is your chance to shine as a wedding speaker.

As Best Man, you’re under a lot of pressure to deliver a Best Man Speech that’s the highlight of the wedding reception.

Let’s face it, the wedding guests expect the Best Man Speech to be nothing short of spectacular. And if you do your job properly it will be the wedding speech the guests will talk about and remember for a long time.

Yes, that means you’ll have to give a Best Man’s Speech that’s funny.

But, chances are you’re not sure what to say. You don’t know how far to go with your jokes, or where to draw the line.

Well, forget all those wishy-washy Best Man Speech tips you’ve read from the so-called experts.

Here are six Best Man Speech tips nobody ever dared (until now) to tell you about:

1. Talk About The Groom’s Past Relationships

Everything is fair game in the Best Man Speech. So be sure to include the sordid details about the groom’s past conquests. Mention ex-girlfriends. Or talk about his divorce.

There’s nothing funnier than seeing the groom squirm in his chair in front of hundreds of wedding guests, is there?

People love the juicy details. So the more “insider” secrets you can reveal in your speech, the better.

Remember, if the groom isn’t red faced and the bride doesn’t have a look of shock on her face, then your Best Man Speech is a complete failure.

2. Make Your Best Man Speech Long

People LOVE long-winded Best Man Speeches that seem to go on forever.

So forget about that 5 minute time limit the experts tell you about. And forget about the wedding mc’s agenda. Instead, draw your wedding speech out as long as you can.

In fact, the longer the better.

When the wedding guests start fidgeting and looking bored, you know you’ve succeeded.

3. Reveal The Groom’s Closely Guarded Secrets

If you’re the groom’s best friend (at least up to this point), then there’s a good chance you’ve got some “dirt” on him – secrets that you swore you’d never reveal. Just between the two of you, right?

Well, your Best Man Speech is the perfect opportunity to spill the beans and violate the bond of trust the groom has in you.

So go ahead. Think back on all those adventures you and the groom have had. Things nobody else knows about – and are best left that way.

Now’s the perfect time to show everyone – especially the bride – what the groom is really like.

4. Tell Crude Jokes

Everyone likes a good laugh, right? And crude jokes always get a laugh.

So make sure your Best Man Speech has lots of off-color jokes about the groom, the bride, and even a wedding guest or two. Jokes about sex are particularly funny.

Better still, go for shock value. Keep an eye on the bride”s parents and grandparents. If they’re mortified with your jokes, if their mouths are wide open in shock, then you know you’ve chosen the perfect jokes for this special gathering of close friends and family.

5. Have a Lot of Drinks Before Your Best Man Speech

That’s right. Build up your confidence and load up on the drinks before you deliver your Best Man Speech.

That way every joke you make will sound hilarious (even if it’s not) and you’ll think you’re the life of the party (even if everyone else doesn’t).

6. Be the Center of Attention

It might be the bride and groom’s special day. But you are, after all, the Best Man.

And that gives you the unquestionable right to turn the spotlight on yourself.

After all, haven’t you always fancied yourself as a stand up comedian who can hold an audience in the palm of his hand with your dry wit and knee-slapping humor?

Sure, these Best Man Speech tips are a recipe for disaster. But you might as well have a good time at the bride and groom’s expense, right?

And you might as well be remembered as the Best Man who ruined the bride and groom’s perfect day.

Of course, don’t be surprised if the groom never speaks to you again.

And don’t be surprised if you’re politely escorted from the wedding reception by two exceptionally large men who don’t seem to have any sense of humor at all.

It’s the very least they could do to show their appreciation after you delivered a Best Man Speech that ruined a perfectly wonderful – and expensive – wedding.

If these tips offend your sense of propriety (and they should if you don’t want to ruin the bride and groom’s perfect day), then congratulations. You’re well on your way to preparing a stellar Best Man Speech that’s suitable for the wedding reception.

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You’ll be glad you did – especially when you stand to deliver your Best Man Speech in front of hundreds of wedding guests.

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