How A Wedding MC Can Help
The Bride and Groom Celebrate
One Of The Most Important Days
Of Their Life

Every bride wants her wedding day – from beginning to end – to be perfect.

That’s why you rely on key people to help you celebrate one of the most important days of your life.

Even though creating the agenda and timeline for the reception usually comes towards the end of your wedding planning, there’s one important decision that has to be made, and that’s selecting a Master of Ceremonies.

You choose an MC because he or she will be responsible for conducting the reception at your wedding.

After all, you already have enough to do with planning your wedding without having to worry about running the reception (although you will work closely with your MC in planning the agenda and the events).

As the bride, you want to spend time having fun and celebrating with your friends and family.

The last thing you want to do on your special day is to be concerned about the reception details while it’s underway.

Who Should The Bride and Groom Choose As MC?

On your big day, your guests are going to remember how beautiful and radiant you looked as you walked down the aisle.

They’ll also remember the venue, the meal, and the cake all of which you’ve chosen with care.

But one of the lasting memories will be how much fun they had at the reception.

Because the reception is the final part of the wedding, your guests will very likely remember the games, the entertainment, the prizes, and the send-off you’re given as you and your handsome groom start your new life together.

The celebration of your marriage and the fun everyone has at your reception will involve one key person: The Wedding MC.

There are no “rules” for selecting a Master of Ceremonies. There are, however, guidelines that can prove useful and help you choose the right person.

That’s important because you’re handing over a huge amount of responsibility to a person you trust to take care of you and your guests on your big day.

Consider this: You and your family have invested large amounts of time and money to create an unforgettable time for your guests. The last thing you want is to have things ruined at a critical time during your special day.

First, you have to decide whether you need an MC.

Most couples do.

Generally, if you’re wondering whether you need to have a Master of Ceremonies, you should consider how big your reception is and who will be attending.

An intimate gathering won’t usually require a Master of Ceremonies although there might be someone who makes informal announcements or offers a toast.

A large gathering with honored guests and dignitaries could very well have a professional MC.

A smaller gathering of more than fifty friends and family will very likely have a novice MC.

Some engaged couples choose a professional Master of Ceremonies but many couples choose someone they know.

For example, they might ask the Best Man, or a member of the bridal party, or a close friend or relative – such as an uncle - to be the MC.

Still others ask the DJ to be the MC – which might involve extra cost.

While it’s a personal preference and there is no right or wrong way to select a Master of Ceremonies, choosing someone you know puts a more personal touch on the event.

When it comes to planning the celebration of your marriage, it can make sense to choose your own Master of Ceremonies instead of a professional MC – depending on the size of the gathering - for two reasons:

1. If you’re a budget-conscious bride, selecting your own MC instead of hiring a professional one can save thousands of dollars (or pounds sterling) on your budget.

That can be a significant amount when you and your husband are starting a new life together and plan on buying a home and starting a family in the near future.

That’s not intended to undermine professional MCs.

Instead, it recognizes that in today’s economy it can make sense to save money if it won’t affect the celebration of your wedding, which it’s unlikely to do with proper preparation beforehand.

2. Sometimes, your choice is because you want to honor someone close to you with the MC duties.

You (or your groom) may have a special family friend or family member who plays (or has played) an important part in your life as you were growing up.

This is a case where it has special meaning or significance to you or your groom to have that person participate in planning your wedding celebration with you and overseeing the events on your big day.

Your Master of Ceremonies – even one who is a novice and inexperienced - will be able to do a terrific job if he or she has the right resources on hand and is properly prepared.

Wedding MC Requirements - How To Pick Your MC

Most Wedding Emcees have never performed their special duties and responsibilities before because this will be a new experience to them.

They don't know what’s required of them. And they don’t know where to start or how to create a FUN reception.

That's why it's not only important to look for certain qualities in your MC but to also make sure he or she has all the information needed to carry out his or her responsibilities.

After all, there’s nothing worse than choosing someone who is terrified of speaking in front of hundreds of guests or who shows up late (because they habitually do that in their life) or who adds to the stress by being disorganized or who makes distasteful jokes that embarrass your guests or your family, just to get a laugh.

When you're planning your reception you'll want to choose someone who is outgoing, personable, organized, and who likes to have fun.

Having a fun, outgoing personality is one of the keys to creating a fun reception.

Someone who is diplomatic, reliable, charismatic, and on time are additional noteworthy attributes since these are qualities which a wedding Master of Ceremonies requires in order to be truly effective.

It should go without saying that you should choose someone you can trust to not only co-ordinate and conduct the reception but someone who won’t be an embarrassment either because they drink too much or because they make inappropriate jokes.

Many novice MCs will readily admit to not knowing what to do or what to say at the reception.

In fact, in a survey Mark Livingston, the author of How To Be A FUN Wedding MC and The Bride's Guide To A FUN Reception, conducted several years ago, the number one reason novices sought his help was because they didn't know where to begin.

And that’s completely understandable: There’s no formal training in duties even though weddings require a huge amount of planning since there are so many elements and detail to them that require attention.

While the duties of the Master of Ceremonies may be different depending on the agenda you prepare, there are usually several key events that take place before and during the reception that require personal involvement by the MC.

Your MC will:

1. Meet with you and your planners and plan an agenda based on the timeline for the reception.

2. Prepare his or her scripts and organize or oversee events.

3. Become familiar with the venue.

4. Meet with other key players which could include the venue manager, catering staff, planners, DJ or band, dignitaries, entertainers, bridal party, and those giving speeches and toasts.

5. Welcome guests and keep them informed of events during the reception.

6. Introduce the bridal party as they enter the reception room. The MC might also make head table introductions or introduce dignitaries, honored guests, or close family members.

7. Introduce you and your groom as you enter the reception for the first time as newlyweds during the Grand Entrance.

8. Say grace or the blessing before the main meal or introduce the person who will perform this duty.

9. Introduce guests who will be making speeches and toasts.

10. Announce entertainers, games, and traditional events such as First Dance, cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, and final farewell.

When Should You Select Your Master of Ceremonies?

On the surface it might appear that the MC is nothing more than an announcer and that his or her duties are pretty easy.

"Just pick up a microphone and make a few announcements," many people think. "What could be easier than that?"

Truth is, there’s much more to his or her duties and responsibilities than at first meets the eye.

To start with, your MC very likely doesn't know all of the people involved - the bridal party, the other key players, and even the honored guests or close family members.

He or she might not even know you or your groom very well.

Your MC doesn't know what your vision of your celebration looks like.

Will it be be very formal?

Or will it be a party from start to finish?

Will there be speeches and toasts?

Will there be children at the celebration?

The list of questions goes on and on.

A good Master of Ceremonies needs the "details" - and a lot of them - so he or she can do a great job for you.

After all, you rely on your MC to take charge of things so you and your husband can celebrate your marriage with your close friends and family.

Your MC will not only meet other key players but will also be the referral point as things progress throughout your celebration.

He or she will wear many “hats” and will not only be an announcer but also an organizer, entertainer, and director of the reception.

As events unfold, he or she will make sure that things are properly organized, whether it’s entertainment, guest activities, a game, or a traditional event like cutting the cake.

Your MC will spend time preparing scripts as well as introductions for speakers and toasters before they offer their congratulations to you and your new husband.

If your Master of Ceremonies is unfamiliar with members of the bridal party, he or she will have to meet or talk with them and get brief background information so they can be introduced to the other guests, usually just before the Grand Entrance.

A thoughtful MC will also think of ways to make the reception memorable and include personal touches that have special meaning to you and your husband.

Because there can be a great deal of pre-planning by the MC, it’s wise to select one several weeks before the wedding to allow plenty of time for everything to be organized for your big day.

To hand your Master of Ceremonies hastily scratched notes a few nights or so before your wedding would do your celebration a huge injustice.

You and your groom deserve the best possible celebration on such an important day.

Best advice: Choose someone early to give them plenty of time to prepare for your special day.


The timeline is one of the first things that you will prepare, usually with the Master of Ceremonies.

Whether short or long, the timeline represents the reception from start to finish and sets out all the events that will take place.

And that's not all.

In How To Be A FUN Wedding MC, Mark Livingston has created a Special Timeline just for the MC.

It's completely different from the traditional timeline. Instead, it sets out when specific duties should be completed so your Master of Ceremonies is fully prepared and ready on your special day.

The All-Important Agenda or Run Sheet

Once the timeline has been created, the agenda – or run sheet as it's sometimes called - is then prepared with more detail and will include how long events will take.

The MC will require a more detailed agenda because it will serve has his or her “notes” as the reception progresses.

The agenda is flexible. Events can be ordered according to what you and your groom wish and can also include traditions.

The agenda will begin with the first event of the reception which might be the cocktail hour or the introduction of the bridal party and end with the final farewell where guests gather to send off the newlyweds.

Order of Toasts and Speeches

One of the most important events at most weddings will be the speeches and toasts.

Speeches that are funny or heartfelt have the most impact and this event can be a cherished memory to the bride and groom especially when those closest to them share their good wishes and sentiments with the newlyweds.

The only speech which is “mandatory” is the Best Man speech, but usually the Father of the Bride and other guests will be asked or want to give a speech or toast.

There are no “rules” to the order of speeches and toasts although a traditional format can be followed if it’s suitable.

One decision that must be made is whether or not to have “open mic” speeches where everybody has an opportunity to say “a few words” and toast the bride and groom.

Generally, “open mic” speeches are to be avoided or this event can become boring, long winded, and drawn out.

Turn Your Wedding Day Into A Celebration
By Amping Up The FUN Factor...

Soon you'll be experiencing one of the most exciting days of your life.

You'll be celebrating a milestone in your life with the man you love as well as with your close friends and family - people who mean the most to you.

First and foremost, you want your guests to enjoy the celebration of your marriage.

And there's only one way to do that: Turn your reception into a party.

After all, your wedding is meant to be FUN!

One thing is certain: Your guests will always remember the FUN they had at your wedding when you show them not just a good time but an AMAZING time.

How do you make it a day to remember for your guests as well?

You surprise and delight them with entertainment.

And you keep the tempo upbeat and exciting with fun activities, dancing, and other events.

If you're like most brides, you have a vision of how you want your reception to be.

Now you have to lay that vision out in a timeline and agenda.

Best part: You don't have to do all of the work yourself.

Instead, you outline your plan and let your MC take over from there.

Even better, there's a guide - The Bride's Guide To A FUN Reception - that makes planning a FUN reception easy for you.

It not only helps you and your MC prepare for your reception, it also includes more than 50 FUN ideas for entertainment and activities.

When you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious as your big day draws near, you'll be glad you have The Bride's Guide To A FUN Reception by your side so you don't have to guess where to start or what to do.

What's more, you'll save yourself a ton of time and you'll be able to get your Master of Ceremonies "up to speed" in the shortest time possible.

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brides guide to a fun reception

Special Advice To The MC About His or Her
Duties and Responsibilities

If you’re the MC at a wedding, the following are some important tips to help you as you prepare for the reception:

1. Allow Plenty Of Time To Complete Your Checklists And Prepare Your Notes

Start preparing for the reception early - at least a few weeks before the reception. Otherwise you'll feel rushed and unprepared.

The more prepared you are the more confident you'll feel and the more smoothly the reception will run.

2. Practice Your Scripts

If you’re a novice MC, you’re going to be nervous at the beginning until you get into the rhythm of the reception. Practicing your scripts will give you confidence and help you relax.

Know what to say at the appropriate time throughout the agenda. Get a feel for the flow of your scripts so they sound natural.

3. Make The Bride and Groom The Center of Attention

Even though the guests will pay attention to you when you're speaking, make sure the focus is on the newlyweds.

4. Don't Embarrass Or Humiliate The Bride and Groom

Do not, under any circumstances, make jokes or comments that embarrass the bride or groom. The groom will be the "target" for good natured fun but there are limits to what should be said. Stay away from mentioning old girl friends, a previous marriage, poor track record with relationships, indiscretions, or a divorce.

And don't force the bride and groom to do something they don't want to do - especially public speaking or something they feel makes them look stupid and would humiliate them.

5. Show Up Early At The Reception Venue

Things can - and sometimes will - go wrong at the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments before the guests start arriving.

Be at the reception venue well before the reception begins so you can do a final check of everything.

6. Keep A Clear Head

You won't be able to carry out your Wedding MC Duties very professionally if you're "buzzed" or several sheets to the wind.

So keep a clear head and go sparingly on the alcohol throughout the reception.

7. Always Make Sure Everything Is Appropriate and In Good Taste

From entertainment to speeches to announcements to comments - always make sure everything you say is in good taste and appropriate and won't embarrass or humiliate anyone - especially the bride and groom.

8. Include Any Special Traditions In The Reception

Whether you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain, or elsewhere in the world, there may be special religious or ethnic traditions that are carried out during the reception.

Some of these traditions honor the bride and groom's parents or family. Others have special symbolic meaning for the marriage.

These traditions can be instead of, or in addition to, the usual traditions like cake cutting, throwing the bouquet, and the garter toss.

It’s your role and responsibility to ensure that those traditions are included in the agenda.

It should be every MC’s goal to make the reception not only a celebration but a lasting and fond memory for the bride and groom.

Creating a celebratory and party atmosphere requires a unique blend of fun activities, humor, and romantic touches that have significance and personal meaning to the newlyweds.

The bride and groom have placed their trust and confidence in you to oversee their reception.

You, in turn, can repay the honor of being chosen as MC by doing the best job possible and making it a time they will remember for years to come.

Although you’ve taken on a lot of responsibility, proper preparation beforehand can make your duties both fun and rewarding as you join the other guests in celebrating the newlywed’s special day.

How A Master of Ceremonies
Can Plan And Create
A FUN and Memorable Reception

Being the MC at a wedding can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before or you don’t know the bride and groom very well.

Two of the most common questions a Master of Ceremonies for a wedding reception asks are: “What do I do?” and “What do I say?”

If you’re a novice who’s in that situation there is one easy way to find out what to do and what to say.

That way is with How To Be A FUN Wedding MC.

It’s probably not going to solve your fear of public speaking, if you have that.

But what it will do is this:

It will give you CONFIDENCE.

The confidence to stand in front of 100…200…300 people and look like a pro even if you’ve never been an MC at a wedding before.

It will start erasing those nagging fears and doubts you have about being able to pull it off without making a fool of yourself in front of hundreds of people who expect you to do a great job.

It will take away the PANIC you feel as the time draws closer to the bride and groom's big day.

>> You won’t have to wonder what to do when the bride hands you hastily scratched notes on a scrap of paper. (You’ll have preparation sheets and checklists to help you from the beginning.)

>> You won’t have to wonder where to start. (There’s a quick start guide to get you up to speed fast.)

>> You won’t have to wonder how to put together a run sheet. (You’ll get several examples to help you create your own run sheet.)

It’s all laid out for you.

All you have to do is follow the plan that’s laid out for you in How To Be A FUN Wedding MC and make adjustments to suit the reception you’ll be overseeing.

And that’s just the beginning.

Because in the end it’s all about having FUN.

And you’re going to show the guests how to party and have fun.

You’re going to make the reception ROCK!

>> You won’t have to wonder how to turn the reception into a fun party and a celebration. (You’ll have the exclusive “Wedding MC’s Secret List of FUN Ideas” at your fingertips.)

>> You won’t have to wonder how to make the reception memorable. (You’ll have ideas for activities and entertainment to keep the guests enjoying themselves. You’ll also have ideas for thoughtful touches you can include that make the celebration a lasting memory for the bride and groom.)

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC is a game changer.

It’s been a game changer for hundreds of other wedding MCs in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa who didn’t know what to do...or where to begin.

It’s going to make you look like you’ve been the MC at a reception many times before.

Do yourself a favor and go and see why hundreds of other Wedding MCs have chosen How To Be A FUN Wedding MC as their guide to creating a FUN and memorable reception.

Click this link to find out how you can be a FUN Wedding MC.

Remember I mentioned that Special Timeline that's prepared for the MC?

It shows what duties to start several weeks before the day of the wedding and it will get you on track right away.

So don't delay.

There's planning to be done to make the bride and groom's day, a day to remember for years to come.

Here's the link again:

Click this link to find out how you can be a FUN Wedding MC.

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