Matron of Honor Toasts and Speeches Tips

Matron of Honor Toasts and Speeches
– Tips for the Matron of Honor –

The Matron of Honor Toast

The Matron of Honor Toast usually is made at the end of the Matron of Honor’s wedding speech and conveys your good wishes to the wedding couple.

Choose a toast that you feel is especially appropriate for the occasion.

Your toast might be short and sweet, saying nothing more than, “To the Bride and Groom.” Or you might toast to long life and good health. Or you might toast to the bride and groom’s happiness.

Generally, you will choose a toast that is a little longer than a few words. It might even be a short verse or poem.

Whatever you choose when considering what Matron of Honor Toasts to use, try and select one that coincides with the theme of your wedding speech.

For example, if your wedding speech mentions married life or love or happiness…see if there’s an appropriate wedding toast that is about those wedding themes.

And finally, don’t forget to memorize your Matron of Honor Toast word for word. This ensures a smooth transition from the closing of your wedding speech to the toast.

The Matron of Honor Wedding Speech

You’ve been chosen as Matron of Honor because the bride admires you. You might also be the bride’s sister.

It’s very likely that you will give a Matron of Honor’s Wedding Speech or Sister’s Speech before the Matron of Honor’s toast.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare your wedding speech:

1. Keep Your Speech Short

There’s nothing worse than a long and boring wedding speech that rambles on.

Your wedding speech should be about 750 words. That will take you about 5 minutes which is generally the maximum time you want your speech to be.

2. Being Sentimental Is Expected

If you’re the bride’s sister or best friend, then sentiment will be a natural part of your speech.

A sentimental speech about favorite memories of the times you’ve shared with the bride can also include humor.

3. Include Humor in Your Speech

There’s nothing like a funny speech. Done properly, it’s entertaining and holds the wedding guests’ attention.

While it’s not a requirement of any speech – including the Matron of Honor speech – it does add another dimension to your speech and can make it memorable.

A humorous Matron of Honor’s wedding speech usually includes favorite memories you have of the bride.

Keep in mind that you want your humor to be appropriate for a wedding reception. You certainly don’t want to make inappropriate remarks that get a laugh at the expense of the bride or groom.

4. Use Discretion and Tact

Your close relationship to the bride very likely means shared confidences, secrets, or experiences that others – including the groom, bride’s parents, and wedding guests – are not privy to.

The Matron of Honor wedding speech is not the time to divulge those secrets.

This is a day to honor the bride. So avoid mentioning her past relationships, ex-boyfriends, her love life, or a failed marriage – all of which can be embarrassing or even humiliating to both the bride and groom.

5. Rehearse Your Matron of Honor Speech and Toast

The secret to reducing nervousness is to practice your speech and toast.

It’s not necessary to memorize your speech word for word, otherwise it will sound stilted and unnatural.

But it is a good idea to memorize the beginning and closing of your speech.

Doing so will reduce your nervousness as you start out. And memorizing the closing will help you transition smoothly to the Matron of Honor toast.

Having Trouble Writing Your Matron of Honor
Wedding Speech and Toast?

You might think that writing a wedding speech will be easy – until you actually sit down and begin doing it.

But as you start the process you’ll undoubtedly have questions.

Questions about how to address the audience, how to start your speech, how to interject funny comments, how to add sentiment, how to close your speech… and lead smoothly into the toast to the bride and groom.

If you don’t know the perfect words to use to express your sentiments to the bride on her special day, then write your Matron of Honor wedding speech the quick and easy way with wedding speech templates and examples. (affiliate link)

Use the wedding speech templates as a starting point to captivate the wedding guests with…

A sentimental speech with favorite memories of the bride
A humorous speech with favorite memories of the bride
A sister’s speech to the bride
A short and sweet toast that conveys your sentiments and best wishes in a few words

Add your own material. Add wedding jokes, quotations, and a Matron of Honor Toast. (More than 100 jokes, quotes, and toasts to choose from!)

Find out more about fill-in-the-blanks wedding speech templates and examples to make your Matron of Honor Wedding Speech and Toast (affiliate link) one the bride will cherish for a lifetime.

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