Wedding MC’s Duties

The Wedding MC’s Duties

As Wedding Emcee you’ll have many duties and responsibilities to ensure the reception events flow smoothly.

These duties (which are all covered in How To Be A FUN Wedding MC) will include…

1. Opening the reception by welcoming the guests.

2. Introducing yourself as the Master of Ceremonies for the reception.

3. Formally introducing the bride and groom’s parents to the guests, ensuring that pronunciations of first and last names are correct.

4. Introducing the bridal party in the order they will be seated at the head table.

5. Creating an atmosphere of anticipation and announcing the entrance of the newlyweds with enthusiasm and applause.

6. Introducing the person who will say the blessing or grace prior to serving the main meal

7. Introducing each guest before they give their wedding speech or toast.

8. Giving a speech if requested to do so.

9. Reading messages of congratulations from friends and relatives who were unable to attend the ceremony and reception. To add humor to the occasion, it’s acceptable to include several humorous “made up” telegrams (which are usually directed towards the groom).

10. Announcing the ceremonial cutting of the cake.

11. Informing the guests that the throwing of the bouquet and garter are about to take place.

12. Announcing the commencement of the dancing.

13. Announcing the first dance by the bride and groom and inviting them to take to the dance floor.

14. Informing the guests that the bride and groom will be leaving the reception shortly.

15. Officially ending the reception, thanking the guests for attending, and wishing them a safe trip home.

Your duties as Master of Ceremonies play an important role in ensuring the reception runs smoothly, the guests have an enjoyable time, and the bride and groom are left with a wonderful memory for years to come.

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC
At The Reception

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