Best Man Wedding Speech Tips – Humorous

How To Avoid Humiliating the Bride and Groom
With Your Humorous Best Man’s Wedding Speech

Dear Best Man…

Crude jokes. Careless remarks.

That’s all it takes to ruin a perfect day for the bride and groom and leave them humiliated in front of their guests.

Fortunately, it can be easily avoided with these 5 tips for writing a memorable and funny Best Man’s Wedding Speech and Toast.

1. Write Your Tribute Early

Start your preparation several weeks before the big day so you have plenty of time to outline, write, polish, and rehearse.

Use best man wedding speech templates and examples (affiliate link) for inspiration. These professionally written, instant templates come with jokes, quotes, and toasts and have tips on how to overcome stage fright.

2. Interview the Groom and Bride, if necessary

If you don’t know the groom very well, then you’ll want to interview his friends and family for funny stories or anecdotes.

If you’re good friends with the groom, think of appropriate stories to include in your speech.

Remember, too, to include the bride in your presentation.

If you don’t know the bride well, then be sure to ask her friends or family for background information you can use.

3. Keep Your Tribute To a Reasonable Length

Five minutes is a good time frame to work with.

If you’re using props, then adjust your time frame accordingly – but keep the time to a reasonable length.

The key is to make sure your tribute is interesting, not boring.

4. Use Humor Wisely

The Best Man is usually under some pressure to make his tribute funny. In fact, it’s almost expected.

And there’s no question that a humorous best man wedding speech is a wonderful way to entertain the guests.

Keep in mind, though, your presentation isn’t an extension of the bachelor party. In other words, use good judgment, be tactful, and keep your jokes and stories clean.

Avoid saying things that would embarrass – or humiliate – the groom, the bride, or the guests.

Specific statements about the groom’s ex-girlfriends or his past love life are delicate subjects and are best left for the bachelor party.

The key to a funny speech is that the guests must be able to relate to the joke or story.

If it’s a private joke between the best man and the groom or if it’s a story that people don’t get or “had to be there” to understand, then it’s not going to work.

5. Drink Alcohol After You’ve Spoken

The reception is a time for fun. And you’ll want to join in.

Perhaps you’ll even want a drink or two to conquer your nervousness.

But you have a duty to deliver one of the most important wedding speeches and toasts of the reception. Eloquently. And in good taste.

That means you need a clear head.

Keep in mind, that a perfect day for the newlyweds can be ruined by any speaker – including the Best Man – who has had too much to drink before speaking and embarrasses the bride and groom with rude and inappropriate jokes or remarks.

If you can deliver a humorous best man wedding speech (affiliate link) which makes the guests laugh, without being crude or offending anyone, then congratulations – you’ve succeeded in giving a memorable best man wedding speech.

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