Wedding Speeches

“Picture Them NAKED?!”


Dear wedding guest…

If you’re like me, you’ve probably never found, “Picture your audience naked” to be particularly helpful advice when giving a wedding speech or toast.

In fact, that’s probably the LAST thing that comes to mind.

And the absolute last thing you’d WANT to do!

Giving A Wedding Speech Can Be Terrifying, Stressful, And Nerve-Wracking


It’s no secret that for most people, giving a speech is at the top of the list for being stressful and nerve-wracking.

For some it’s even terrifying.

If you’re “lucky” enough to have to give a wedding speech or toast you’ve probably had – or you’re about to have – a few sleepless nights thinking about it:

“What do I say?”

“How do I start my speech?”

“Do I have to be funny?”

“What if I make a fool of myself?”

“Will the guests laugh at me?”

“How can I make my wedding speech funny?”

“How can I make my wedding speech memorable?”

Instead of wanting to have the earth swallow you up as you stand in front of 100, 200, or more wedding guests, I have good news…

Giving A Wedding Speech Or Toast Doesn’t Have To Be Terrifying


And it doesn’t have to be painful as you try and think of things to say on the bride and groom’s special day.

Not when you know a little “trick” that makes preparing a wedding speech or toast simple and easy…

Wedding Speech Samples And Templates Will Guide You Through The Whole Process


Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to prepare a wedding speech or wedding toast when you use Wedding Speech Samples (affiliate).

Groom Speech

>> 20 pre-written, quick-and-easy speech templates you can adapt to reduce your speech writing time dramatically plus toasts, quotes, jokes, and one-liners to make your speech witty and entertaining.

Bride Speech

>> 20 pre-written, quick-and-easy speech templates you can adapt to reduce your speech writing time dramatically as well as toasts, quotes, jokes, and one-liners to make your speech witty and entertaining.

If you’re a wedding guest or member of the bridal party, the following Templates and Samples have a collection of wedding toasts, jokes, quotations, and professionally written Speeches that make preparation a much easier task – especially if you’ve been busy helping with planning the ceremony and reception.

Just as importantly, these samples will boost your confidence and dispel any doubts about whether or not what you will be saying to the newlyweds is any good.

You’ll be able to deliver your sentiments effortlessly and with poise and grace.

Click on any of the following links for more information about your particular Speech and Toast or go to the free speech guides section below this Wedding Speech Samples and Templates section…

Best Man

Find out more about how to prepare an outstanding and funny Best Man Speech using these samples (by clicking the link above) which include…

>> 20 Samples, 100 Best Man toasts, 100 Best Man Jokes and more for an outstanding tribute to the bride and groom.

Every guest expects and appreciates a funny Best Man Wedding Speech.

The typical “character assassination” of the groom is almost an expected event when the Best Man stands up to make his presentation.

So don’t disappoint the guests with anything that is less than hilarious.


>> 20 Samples, 100 Bridesmaid toasts, jokes, poems, quotes, and more for a witty and entertaining presentation.

Father of the Groom

>> 25 quick-and-easy, Father of the Groom Speech Examples with over 200 toasts, quotes, and jokes and much more to honor your son on his special day.

Mother of Bride

>> 20 Samples, over 100 jokes, and more than 100 toasts to finish your tribute with impact and create a cherished memory for your beautiful daughter on her special day.

Maid of Honor (Also for Honor Maid and Matron of Honor)

>> 20 Samples, 100 Maid of Honor toasts, jokes, poems, quotes, and more. Use these professionally written templates to create a sentimental sister speech or one that is funny and sentimental that leaves a lasting impression.

Father of Bride

>> 20 Samples, 100 Father of Bride toasts, 100 Father of Bride wedding jokes and more to create a memorable tribute to your beautiful daughter and new son-in-law.

This is your time to convey your sentiments and best wishes to the newlyweds without taking away from their special day.

One thing is certain – when you stand up in front of a crowd of 50…100…200…guests to honor the bride and groom, you’ll never regret being thoroughly prepared.

Use Speech and Toast samples to deliver a heartfelt tribute to the newlyweds on their special day.

FREE Wedding Speech Guides


I’ve prepared FREE Speech Guides that will also help you prepare your tribute to the bride and groom.

Be sure to download your FREE Guide below…

Wedding MC Guide

Mother Of The Bride Guide

Father Of The Groom Guide

Best Man Guide

Bridesmaid Guide

Honor Maid Guide

Matron of Honor Guide

Bride Wedding Thank You Guide

Groom Guide

Father of the Bride Guide

Relatives and Friends Guide

Don’t Be Remembered For Your Poor Performance At The Reception


This is a joyous and happy occasion for the bride and groom.

Leave them with a lasting memory of their perfect day with a presentation that shows how much you value their love and friendship.

I wish you every success with your tribute to the bride and groom.

Mark Livingston



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