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How To Reduce The Stress Of Preparing
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Dear Mother of the Bride,

If you’re rushed off your feet planning and preparing your daughter’s dream wedding, then you’ll very likely need help with your Mother of the Bride Speeches.

After all, your daughter’s wedding is a very special day and your Mother of Bride Speeches deserve your time and attention to detail, too.

These days it’s common for the Mother of the Bride to give Mother of the Bride Speeches and Toasts to the newlyweds – whether it’s at the wedding reception, the wedding rehearsal dinner, or other wedding event that honors the bride and groom.

And while the Mother of the Bride Speech is another task to check off your “to do” list, it needs just as much thought as some of the other wedding events since it will have very special meaning to your daughter on one of the most important days of her life.

That’s why choosing the RIGHT words is so important in order for you to express your love and heartfelt sentiments to your daughter in front of friends and family who are very special to her.

Mother of the Bride Speeches – Preparing Your Speech And Toast

Your wedding speech won’t necessarily be limited to one just one speech or toast.

Your Mother of the Bride Speeches – with different sentiments and anecdotes – could be given at the wedding reception or even at the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Usually, the Mother of the Bride Speech will follow the Father of the Bride Speech at the wedding reception.

So be sure to check that the Father of the Bride isn’t going to “steal your thunder” with an amusing story that you’ve also chosen for your speech.

Mother of the Bride Speech:
A Tribute To Your Daughter At The Wedding Reception

The Mother of the Bride Speech at the wedding reception – which is the lavish event after the wedding – pays tribute to your daughter who has blossomed into a beautiful young woman with dreams and plans for her future with the partner she has fallen in love with.

Your Mother of the Bride Speech will usually contain several important elements including:

1. Introducing yourself (since some wedding guests, especially the groom’s family and friends, won’t necessarily know who you are)
2. Thanking the wedding guests for attending and telling them how happy you are to see them
3. Thanking those who have helped with wedding preparations
4. Welcoming the groom to your family
5. Welcoming the groom’s family to your family circle. A marriage is also a blending of two families and your words of friendship to the groom’s family are an important part of this of transition.
6. An amusing or touching story about the bride which is almost always expected in a Mother of the Bride Speech

When preparing your speech, make notes of stories that come to mind from when your daughter was younger so you can weave an anecdote into your speech.

7. Finish your Mother of the Bride Speech with words of advice – which can be amusing or inspirational
8. Conclude your speech with a Wedding Toast to the Bride and Groom. This could be a meaningful quote, poem, or saying that is particularly appropriate to the marriage of this special couple.

It’s starting to look a little daunting, isn’t it?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be daunting or hard at all.

Mother of the Bride Speeches – Tips For The Mother of the Bride

Here are some helpful tips as you prepare your Mother of the Bride Speech…

1. Make notes of what you’re going to say in your Mother of the Bride Speeches. Use these notes for writing out your speech.
2. Your wedding speech can be as flexible as you want – add things that you think are appropriate and leave out things that make your speech drag on.
3. Practice your speech several times before the wedding day. Practice will give you confidence and help you polish your speech even more.
4. Practice your wedding toast in particular – preferably word for word since this is the end of your tribute and you want this part to be flawless.
5. Use Mother of the Bride Wedding Speeches Samples and Templates to help you choose the right words to express your good wishes and pride.

For more Mother of the Bride Speeches Tips be sure to download our FREE Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech Guide.

Mother of the Bride Speeches – Special Considerations

Whether you give one or two Mother of the Bride Speeches, keep in mind that they should be lighthearted and amusing with just the right touch of sentiment.

It’s a delicate balance that only you – as the bride’s mother – can create because of your intimate knowledge of your daughter and her personality.

Some daughters don’t like a lot of sentiment. Others do.

Some daughters will be embarrassed when you tell a funny story about her – even if it’s meant in good fun.

Others won’t.

Most importantly, though, you want to express your pride and love for your daughter.

Pride of her accomplishments.

Pride of the amazing woman she has become under your loving guidance.

These will be specially chosen words that convey your heartfelt feelings without going overboard and turning into an embarrassingly tearful moment in front of hundreds of wedding guests.

And this is where you might need some help in choosing the right words that convey your sentiments and pride to a beautiful woman and her partner.

Bring A Smile To Your Daughter’s Lips
Or A Tear To Her Eyes With Your
Memorable Mother of the Bride Speeches

For the busy Mother of the Bride who wants to make the wedding very special for her daughter, preparing the Mother of the Bride Speech seems at first to be a daunting task.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to prepare your Mother of Bride Speech – and that’s with samples of Mother of Bride Speeches.

20 sample Mother of Bride Speeches to create a wedding speech that leaves a lasting, loving memory with your daughter
Over 100 toasts that flow from your wedding speech and end it with impact
Over 100 jokes, quotes, and one-liners for a witty and humorous Mother of the Bride Speech
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Click on the following link for Mother of Bride Speeches Samples and Templates

No matter what format you choose for your Mother of the Bride Speech – whether humorous, sentimental, or a mixture of both – these Mother of the Bride Speeches Samples will give you plenty of creative ideas and tips – and the words to use – to prepare an amazing speech that honors your daughter on her special day.

Don’t wait any longer. Download your wedding speech samples right now. After all, you’ll need time to make your Mother of the Bride Speech one of the most cherished memories your daughter has on her wedding day.

I wish you every joy and happiness on your daughter’s special wedding day.

~ Mark Livingston ~

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