Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles
and Bridesmaid Updos
To Complement The Bride On Her Special Day

wedding hairstyle

The bridesmaid hairstyle is one of the most important parts of her ensemble.

It requires just as much planning and attention for a successful, elegant look to complement that of the bride.

Choosing Hairstyles:
Advice For Brides

The bride may or may not choose to select the bridesmaid hairstyles.

If she does, she should consider whether she wants all the styles to be the same or different.

For example, the bridal hairstyle might be a bridal updo. The bride might also want her attendants to wear bridesmaid updos so that the overall “look” of the bridal party is the same.

There can also be other factors when deciding whether the styles should be the same or different:

1. The shape of each person’s face can dictate whether the hairstyles are similar or different. An updo might be appropriate for some, while half-up and half-down might be better for others.

2. The hair texture and length can also be deciding factors when choosing styles. Someone with short or curly hair might not be able to wear an updo and another style would be more appropriate.

3. A person’s height can also be a deciding factor. Someone who is tall, for example, will look even taller with a tight updo.

Keep in mind, that hairstyles – even if different – can all be coordinated with matching hair accessories – including flowers, ribbons, or clips.

Bridesmaid Hair Styles and Bridesmaid Updos

Bridesmaids hairstyles come in a number of different styles:


Half-up and half-down

Wedding hairstyles for short, medium, or long hair

Styles are pretty whether they’re long, flowing curls, braids, or an updo in a french twist.

Of the different styles, updos are a popular choice.

Updos are elegant and relatively easy to maintain throughout the wedding events – depending on the style you choose.

You Don’t Have To Guess What Your
Hairstyle or Updo
Will Look Like

With the innovative full version hairstyle picture gallery (affiliate link) you can upload a photo of yourself and “try on” Formal and Wedding hairstyles to see which you like and what makes you look pretty.

A membership will give you access to the complete line of styles including the bridal | bridesmaid hairstyle gallery.

Each style also indicates the face shapes, hair texture, and hair density it’s suitable for.

Plus, you’ll get styling information including maintenance, styling time required, techniques, and products (some images also include the styling steps).

Best of all, you can print out your favorite styles and take them to your stylist for advice before the wedding day.

Get A Glamorous NEW Hairstyle
After The Wedding Day, Too

What’s more, you can choose a new style after your duties are finished…and catch the eye of a handsome man.

There are thousands of glamorous styles to choose from in the full paid version – including celebrity hairstyles.

If you’ll be choosing your own style you can look pretty without stealing the limelight from the bride on her special day.

To take a look at these beautiful bridesmaid hair styles and gallery click on the graphic below. (Look for Wedding Hairstyles in the drop down menu to see the Formal bridesmaid and bridal hair styles. Affiliate link).

Click the graphic below to go there right now to see samples of bridesmaids hairstyles

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