Maid of Honor Sister Speeches Advice

The Maid of Honor Sister’s Speech and Wedding Toast:
A Tribute The Bride Will Cherish Forever

While the maid of honor wedding toast is to the newlyweds, your maid of honor or maid of honor sister speech which precedes the tribute will be directed primarily to the bride.

Here are several tips for making maid of honor and maid of honor sister speeches memorable…

1. Make it complete, but keep it brief. Five minutes is a good target. Anything beyond that is too long.

2. Compliment the bride. Tell her how radiant she looks.

3. Create a “theme” about the bride. This could include an outstanding quality she has…humorous incidents you have experienced with her…how the bride and groom met…or what the bride thought of her future husband. You could also talk about why you are best friends or how long you’ve known each other.

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4. Include the groom in your “theme.” After all, it’s his special day, too. Tell the wedding guests how suited the couple are for each other. Talk about why he’s such a great guy and why the bride fell in love with him. And if the bride is your sister, you can also welcome the groom to your family.

5. Give advice. This need not necessarily be serious advice. It can be humorous. For example, you could say, “The way to a happy marriage is for the groom to say, “Yes, dear.” or “You’re right, dear.”

Finally, make your wedding toast meaningful and heartfelt. It could be a poem…it could be a traditional Irish toast or saying…or it could be a couple of lines from a romantic song. Alternatively, you may finish your tribute with a wish: You wish the bride and groom nothing but happiness and a long life together.

Your maid of honor sister speech and toast will be particularly meaningful to the bride. So take time to prepare this important tribute well before the wedding day and make it one she will cherish for years to come.

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