Best Man Duties

As Best Man you’ll have a number of Best Man Duties and Responsibilities as you assist the groom.

Your main Best Man Duties will be to assist the groom to prepare for his special day.

Here is a short checklist of Best Man Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist the groom as he chooses his tuxedo or formal wear.

2. Organize and host the bachelor party or dinner.

3. Co-ordinate the groomsmen and their duties.

4. Arrange the newlywed’s departure after the reception.

5. Attend the rehearsal dinner and give a toast.

6. Drive (or accompany) the groom to the ceremony venue. (Be sure he gets to the venue on time!)

7. Hand out any payments on behalf of the groom to the wedding officiant, DJ or musicians, and other entertainers and vendors.

8. Stand next to the groom at the altar.

9. Hand the bride’s ring to the groom immediately before the vows are exchanged.

Click on the following link for our Detailed Best Man’s Duties Checklist

10. Escort the maid of honor during the recessional after the ceremony has finished.

11. Sign the marriage license as a witness.

12. Give a Best Man’s Speech and Toast at the reception.

13. Act as MC and perform the Wedding MC Duties at the reception if there is no formal Master of Ceremonies.

14. Help organize the groomsmen for the formal wedding photographs.

15. Give the bride and groom a gift.

16. Arrange for a (decorated) car or limousine to be ready for the newlywed’s departure from the reception.

17. Return rented formal wear – including the groom’s attire – after the celebration is over.

Carry out your Best Man Duties and Responsibilities with enthusiasm and tact to ensure the groom has an unforgettable wedding.

Our detailed Checklist has more than 30 Best Man Duties and Responsibilities that you MUST know…

Click on the following link for our Detailed Best Man’s Duties Checklist

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