Wedding Planning Guide

Planning A Wedding Is Easier Than You Think
With This Master Planning Guide By Your Side…

Dear Bride-to-be:

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for you.

But you’ve probably heard how difficult it can be to plan it on your own.

Well, not any more.

Because it doesn’t have to be filled with stress, worry, and disagreements – not when you have the proper Guide by your side with checklists and information.

That’s why I’ve found a Wedding Planning Guide that will help you with all the planning details and reduce the stress and headaches while planning your own celebration.

Here are just a few details of what you get…

Detailed Checklists…Timeline…
Budget Checklist…And More…

You’ll find checklists, a timeline, ways to save on your costs, budget checklist, etiquette, and a lot more…

Money Saving Tips for EVERY PART of your Wedding: You can have what you’ve always dreamed about without having to worry about paying it off for years to come. Slash your costs by up to 40% or more.

A Complete Planning Timeline: Find out what you should do after the proposal¦six months before the big day ¦one month before the ceremony¦the week before.

Amazing Budgeting Worksheets. You’ll never have to face the horror of coming back from your honeymoon to face a mountain of unpaid bills. Eliminate nasty surprises and keep track of your budget and bills with this handy 6-page Budget Worksheet.

The KEY QUESTIONS you MUST ask the potential photographer…videographer…floral arranger…caterer…venue provider…band…celebrant/minister…and other key players¦in easy-to-use checklists.

A Massive VIDEO and PHOTO CHECKLIST: Make 100% sure you have every photograph and video footage covered. After all, you only get one chance to get it right!

Find out EXACTLY what the role and responsibilities are for each member of the bridal party including…the maid/matron of honor…the bridesmaids…the best man…the groomsmen…and the bride and groom!

The recommended ORDER OF EVENTS for the reception…and the ceremony. Use it as is, or use it as a guide to create your own order of events.

The FULL Etiquette for each stage of the wedding: Discover all the details you need to know to make the day a huge success…not only for yourselves, but for your family and guests, too

Tables and Charts: Save time by quickly and easily seeing the guest list, gift list, seating arrangement, budget, and more.

Of course, your planning is more than checklists and a timeline.

Because chances are you’ll have questions – lots of questions…

Do You Know The Answers To These Questions…

This Master Wedding Planning Guide covers more than 250 answers to these – and other – questions including…

Suggestions for who pays what.

What happens to traditions when you have divorced/remarried parents?

How should you word your invitations, service booklets, and thank you cards?

What to do about cultural differences?

How do you ask family members for contributions towards your costs?

What to do about child care?

What is first dance etiquette?

How many gift registries should you have?

Which children should you invite?

This Planning Guide Has Answers
To The Tough Questions…

How can you include multiple parents/relatives in the ceremony?

Which co-workers should you invite?

How to set the ideal date for your special day.

Etiquette for a pregnant bride.

Who pays for bridesmaids dresses?

Who should you invite to the rehearsal dinner?

What to do if people want to bring dates and you are short on space.

Who should pay for the rehearsal dinner?

What to do about divorced parents who don’t get along?

Who should walk you down the aisle if your father has passed away?

Because this Master Planning Guide is downloadable you get instant access to all of the time-saving checklists, the timeline, tables and charts, money saving tips and techniques, and much more so you can get started right away!

It also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee – if it isn’t what you expected, you’ll get a FULL refund any time within 60 days.

If you’ve always dreamed of having the perfect wedding then don’t leave anything to chance.

Check out this Wedding Planning Guide today!

(The website owner receives financial and/or other forms of compensation for products or services recommended or suggested on this page, appreciates your support, and wishes you a happy and joyous time.)

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