MC Speeches

If you’re the Wedding MC you might think you have to make a speech.

While this is a common misconception, in some cases this is true – if the bride and groom specifically ask you to make a short tribute followed by a toast.

This may be the case, for example, if you play a dual role, such as the Best Man.

In most cases, however, your MC Speeches will be entirely different.

That’s because as Master of Ceremonies you co-ordinate the reception agenda.

Instead of a traditional speech, you open the reception with a Welcome Speech.

This is a brief introduction during which you tell the guests who you are and what will be happening at the reception.

Your welcome should be upbeat.

As well, it can be humorous.

In almost all cases, its purpose is to get the guests into a party mood and prepare them to celebrate the bride and groom’s marriage.

Included in your introduction will be general comments regarding restroom facilities, smoking areas, parking, the location of the guest book and gift table, and any other announcements that need to be made before the reception gets underway.

Your main role as Master of Ceremonies at the reception is as a co-ordinator.

You will provide entertaining remarks thrown in between (or during) your announcements.

Your Wedding MC Speech, in fact, has little in similarity to a traditional one.

Instead, it becomes a series of announcements and introductions throughout the reception.

You will introduce guests who will be paying tribute to the bride and groom or other guests.

These introductions – which will be determined by the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – will be preceded by a brief preamble – primarily who the guest is and their relationship to the newlyweds.

For example, the speaker might be the Father of the Groom.

Or the speaker might be a dignitary who is a close friend of the bride’s family.

Other announcements will be for grace, meal time, wedding games, entertainment, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting, special events, and the final farewell.

Occasionally, a guest who was asked to give a tribute to the newlyweds will be absent.

In this situation, you may be required to stand in for that guest – in which case you would give a speech.

In some cases, you will be required to give just a toast.

Examples of toasts you may be required to give are the Toast to the Queen and a toast to the Mother of the Bride or an acknowledgement to the person who was responsible for helping plan the wedding – which in many cases is the Mother of the Bride.

When giving just a toast you will usually precede it with a very short introduction.

If you are acknowledging someone’s contribution, for example, your toast would be preceded by telling the guests what the contribution was and how helpful it was in making the day such a success.

In your role as Master of Ceremonies, it’s important that you find out whether you will be required to make a traditional tribute to the bride and groom since giving an MC Speech is often much different from a tribute given by the other guests.

Our Wedding MC Speech Guide provides valuable tips and resources to help you in your Master of Ceremonies duties as well as what to include in a traditional tribute to the newlyweds.

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