Bridesmaid Duties

Bridesmaid Duties:
List of Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Duties

It’s an honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid by the bride and shows how much she values your friendship and advice.

Your main duties will primarily include assisting the bride to make her wedding a very special day.

You’ll be an organizer, hostess, helper, advisor, and best friend, among other things.

Here is a general list of…

Key Bridesmaid Duties and Responsibilities

Attend the wedding planning meeting with the bride, maid of honor, and other bridesmaids. Alternatively, if you live far away from the bride you’ll receive an email or phone call outlining the wedding preparation events.

Provide assistance with any wedding planning events or special items or responsibilities the bride or maid of honor may require.

Book travel arrangements if you’re traveling from out of town to attend the wedding.

Accompany the bride and other bridesmaids on any shopping trips for your dress, shoes, accessories, gifts, etc. if you don’t live out of town.

Assist the maid of honor in planning the bridal shower. You may also be required to help with costs involved.

Additional Bridesmaid Duties and Responsibilities

Buy a bridal shower gift or contribute to a gift from all of the bridesmaids.

Assist the maid of honor in hosting the bridal shower.

Arrange for dress fittings and pay any amounts required.

Attend any pre-wedding parties or showers and functions including breakfasts, brunches, lunches, or dinners.

Assist the maid of honor with arranging the bachelorette party. You may also be required to contribute to paying for costs.

Buy a wedding gift for the bride and groom.

Attend the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. You might be asked to – or feel obligated to – make a wedding toast at the dinner.

Help decorate the wedding reception room if required.

Help with setting up any wedding sites for brunches, breakfasts, or teas.

Assist the bride on her wedding day. That could include helping her into her wedding gown, helping her with her shoes, or helping her with makeup or hair touchups.

Assist other bridesmaids on the wedding day with last minute hair or makeup touchups or dress adjustments.

Participate in before and after wedding pictures.

Attend the wedding reception and welcome wedding guests in the receiving line.

Give a speech and toast at the wedding reception.

Participate in any special functions or events at the wedding reception. For example, the throwing of the bouquet, dancing, welcoming wedding guests.

Help the bride or maid of honor with any special requests.

Whatever is requested by the bride, remember that it’s an honor to perform your bridesmaid duties. So be prepared to carry them out with diligence, cheerfulness, and efficiency to make the wedding day a very special event for the bride.

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