Mother of Bride Wedding Planning

It’s the tiny secret many MCs don’t reveal to the Mother of the Bride or the Bride-to-be

On Your Daughter’s Perfect Wedding Day
Don’t Risk A Reception Disaster By
Relying On An Unprepared Wedding MC

Dear Mother of the Bride…

If there’s one thing I’m almost positive about, it’s this:

You’ve spent untold hours planning your daughter’s perfect day.

And you’ve very likely spent thousands of dollars on your daughter’s wedding – including buying your daughter’s gorgeous gown, choosing decorations, and planning an elegant reception.

Before you can say your planning is complete and everything is ready for your daughter’s big day, there’s one more important area you should consider for her reception.

And that’s selecting the Master of Ceremonies.

You Worked Very Hard Planning Your Daughter’s Special Day
Don’t Let That Hard Work Vanish In An Instant
Because Of An Unprepared MC

You might not realize it, but the Master of Ceremonies can either make your daughter’s reception a wonderful memory or ruin her perfect day.

Imagine how you would feel if one of these disasters happened at your daughter’s reception after all the planning you’ve done…

The MC introduces the Bridal Party in the wrong order and mispronounces your guests’ names.

A Group Activity turns into a shoving match between two intoxicated guests.

The First Dance song – which your daughter and her handsome groom have rehearsed for weeks – doesn’t get played.

The caterers are behind in setting up. Plus, the main meal is late being served, barely warm when it finally arrives, and quickly dampens the celebratory atmosphere at the reception.

The speakers can’t be found when called upon to give their speech or toast. What’s more, some speeches are long-winded and boring and some of the jokes offend the guests and embarrass your daughter and her new husband.

Or imagine the Best Man standing up in front of your friends and family and embarrassing everyone and humiliating you with inappropriate jokes on one of the most important days of your daughter’s life.

Even though many MCs are honored to help with the reception, the sad fact is that…

Many Wedding MCs Are So Inexperienced
They’re NOT Properly Prepared
For Their Duties…

…and that could RUIN your daughter’s perfect day.

Amazingly, many novice Wedding MCs admit…

They don’t know what to say, what to do, or where to start.

They don’t know the order of events at the reception.

They don’t know what’s expected of them.

They don’t know the order of speeches and toasts.

They don’t know how to introduce guests…including the speakers.

They don’t know what questions to ask the bride and groom for background information.

They don’t know how to keep the events at the reception flowing smoothly.

They don’t know how to conquer their nervousness and stage fright.

They don’t know how to make the reception a FUN celebration.

Imagine your daughter’s perfect day being ruined because the MC didn’t know what to do or what to say!

Fortunately, a reception disaster can be easily prevented.

How To Make The Reception A
FUN Celebration And A Lasting Memory
For Your Daughter And Her Groom

When you choose an MC, you hand over a huge amount of responsibility to someone you trust to get it right the first time.

Whether it’s a friend or relative who has lots of enthusiasm and the best of intentions, they need help with their MC Duties and Responsibilities.

If the MC doesn’t know what to do…what to say…or how to prevent the reception from turning into an embarrassing disaster…and is looking for guidance that walks him or her through the important steps of the MC’s duties, then protect your daughter’s big day from being ruined with The Bride’s Guide Top A FUN Reception.

It’s a complete package of duties and responsibilities with checklists, procedures, audience participation games, and word-for-word templates that even tell the novice MC what to say!

The MC will have at his or her fingertips…

A concise Quick Start Guide to get them up to speed fast

Detailed Planning Checklists and Worksheets to ensure they don’t forget important – even vital – MC duties and responsibilities

Sample Reception Agendas or Run Sheets – the MC’s critical outline to ensure the reception runs smoothly from start to finish

The MC’s Opening | Welcoming Speech to warm up the guests, create a celebratory atmosphere, and heighten the anticipation of your daughter’s arrival

Group and Audience participation games that heighten the mood and make the reception a FUN time

Entertainment Ideas to keep the guests laughing, entertained, and enjoying themselves

Word-for-Word Scripts to help the MC introduce – and smoothly transition into – different events throughout the reception

Amusing telegrams to entertain the guests with

5 FREE Bonuses including more than 50 FUN wedding games and entertainment ideas (many of which have instructions all laid out for you), our Special Report on how to create a FUN reception, the entire outline for playing the always popular and fun “Just Married” game, more sample agendas or run sheets to help with planning, and an amusing skit that can be readily adapted and used to entertain the guests

And much, much more.

The Bride’s Guide To A FUN Reception helps the MC avoid the traps that many novice Emcees fall into.

The MC will have an entire step-by-step blueprint of bridal party details, reception procedures, order of speeches and toasts, introductions, as well as powerful ideas on how to make the reception a FUN and memorable time for your daughter and her new husband.

And, of course, this comprehensive Guide comes with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee so there’s no risk to you.

There’s No Need To Risk Your Hard Work
And Investment With A Ruined Reception

You have only one chance to make your daughter’s reception a lasting memory.

Your daughter’s reception will be a live performance. There won’t be any “second takes.”

And the last thing you want is a poorly prepared Wedding MC disappointing your daughter and her husband as well as your guests.

With this comprehensive Bride’s Wedding Reception Planning Guide you’ll have the peace of mind and confidence that the MC’s duties will be carried out professionally.

Remember, all it takes is one slip up or one speaker to make an inappropriate or humiliating remark or joke to spoil your daughter’s perfect day.

And the thing you’ll remember most is how your daughter’s special day was ruined.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Your daughter’s reception should be as perfect as her ceremony.

Do your daughter a favor and click on the following link right now to find out how The Bride’s Guide To A FUN Reception can help make your daughter’s reception a memorable and FUN celebration.

I wish you every joy and happiness on your daughter’s special day!

Mark Livingston

Copyright (c) 2011 – 2017

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