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Choosing your Master of Ceremonies as part of your planning isn’t as easy as you think…

On Your Dream Day
Don’t Risk A Poorly Prepared Wedding MC
Spoiling Your Reception Celebration

Your MC Very Likely Has NO IDEA
How To Start Planning
A FUN Reception!
Dear Bride-to-be…

When you’ve spent months planning your dream wedding you want everything – including your reception – to be perfect on your special day.

After all, you and your family have invested thousands of dollars preparing for the day you’ve always dreamed about.

But with all of your planning, you still have one major task to complete – and that’s choosing a Master of Ceremonies.

Here are the main qualities which are important when choosing an MC. Your MC should be someone who…

Is personable and outgoing

Is on time

Is well organized

Has a sense of humor and is fun

Is tactful and discreet

Is confident

In short, your MC should be someone who likes to have fun, who isn’t afraid to talk in front of hundreds of guests, and who will look after you and your handsome husband on your special day.

Whether it’s a close friend or relative, choosing your MC should be given the same careful consideration you give when you select your gorgeous gown, or the reception venue, or your cake.

Imagine These Disasters Happening
At Your Reception…

Just think how distraught you would be if one – or more – of these reception disasters happened…

The Best Man gets drunk and makes crude jokes about your husband in front of all of your family and close friends – humiliating both you and your groom

The DJ arrives late, is slow in setting up, and delays the Grand Entrance you and the bridal party had spent hours planning as a special entertainment for the guests

The First Dance – where you had planned to spend several romantic minutes in the arms of your new husband – isn’t even introduced by the Master of Ceremonies

The Bouquet Toss becomes an embarrassing mini fighting match between two women who have had too much to drink

The table which showcases your beautiful tiered cake collapses as you and your husband are performing the ceremonial cake cutting

The loving tributes to your parents during the Special Dances that you and your groom had planned are not played

The speeches drag on and two of them in particular are boring with inappropriate jokes that embarrass your parents and your guests

After you’ve just married the man of your dreams you’ll be filled with love and pride. And you’ll want to celebrate with your closest friends and family.

You certainly don’t want anything to spoil your perfect day.

Most First-Time Wedding MC’s
Don’t Know Where To Start Or
What To Do At The Reception

Unfortunately, many novice MC’s don’t know where to begin after they’ve been chosen as Master of Ceremonies for the reception.

In fact, many MC’s believe their role is simply to make announcements and introduce the speakers for their speeches and toasts.

Many first-time MC’s readily admit that they don’t know…

What to say or where to start when planning the reception

How to welcome the guests and create a celebratory atmosphere

How to entertain the guests and keep the reception moving along

How to introduce the bridal party to the guests with flair

How to organize the reception events

What’s expected of them as Emcee

How to create a FUN reception that is a lasting memory for you and your groom

What’s more, most MC’s are nervous about performing their duties.

And for good reason – they’re unprepared.

Fortunately, most MC’s want to do a good job and are honored to be chosen as the Emcee.

And that’s where you can help your MC and make his or her job a lot easier.

How To Create A Memorable Reception
That’s Full Of FUN, Laughter, And Romance
And Leaves A Lasting Memory For You And Your Groom

You rely on your MC to act professionally.

After all, there will be no “second takes” on your wedding day.

Whether you choose a close relative or friend, they will need help in planning a FUN and memorable reception for you and your groom and your guests.

If the MC doesn’t know where to start, what to do, what to say, or how to prevent the reception from being ruined, and needs guidance from the beginning to the end with his or her duties and responsibilities, then you can protect your reception from becoming a disaster with How To Be A FUN Wedding MC.

It’s a total Master of Ceremonies Guide that’s complete with checklists, preparation forms, sample agendas or run sheets, reception games, tips and tricks, and word-for-word MC scripts that even tell your MC what to say!

Your MC will have complete guidance throughout the reception from beginning to end including…

Sample Run Sheets or Reception Agendas to help plan a FUN and unforgettable reception

Detailed checklists and preparation forms for key events so critical items are not overlooked

Reception Games and Entertainment Ideas that involve the guests and keep them entertained and having a fun time

Word-for-Word MC Scripts to help your MC introduce key reception events without awkward periods of silence

Humorous emails and telegrams to entertain the guests with

How to introduce the Bridal Party before the Grand Entrance and how to introduce the speakers for the Speeches and Toasts

And much, much more

And that’s not all.

Your MC will also get…

5 Exclusive FREE Bonuses That
Help Turn Your Reception
Into A FUN Party With Your
Closest Friends and Relatives

I know how important it is to you to celebrate your big day with those who are close to you.

That’s why I put together a collection of specially chosen reception games and entertainment ideas to make your reception a fun party time.

Your Master of Ceremonies will not only get a copy of these games and entertainment ideas, he or she will also get the inside scoop on how to turn an “ordinary” reception into a fun and memorable event.

As well, your MC will get the complete step-by-step guide to the fun “Just Married” game as well as a sample skit that can be used as entertainment for your guests.

And that’s not all. One of the most frequently asked for forms from MC’s is the Reception Agenda or Run Sheet.

I’ve included 5 MORE examples of agendas to guide you and your future husband as you create your own unique reception when you plan your reception with your MC.

You can use these agenda templates as examples of options for scheduling reception events. And best of all you won’t have to worry whether it’s “okay” to do it “that way.”

Whether your reception is one that goes into the early hours of the morning or is a shorter afternoon reception you’ll have many more ideas to work with as you plan a fun and memorable occasion.

Don’t Risk Ruining Your Reception
Because Your MC Was Unprepared

When your MC has How To Be A FUN Wedding MC as his or her guide, you’ll feel more confident that your MC will know exactly how to plan a FUN reception for you, your groom, and your guests.

Remember, a slip up or two can turn a fun time into an embarrassing nightmare.

Your reception should be a wonderful lasting memory just like your ceremony.

Take a moment to find out more about how How To Be A FUN Wedding MC can help your Master of Ceremonies create a FUN and memorable reception.

I wish you and your new husband every joy and happiness on your special day!

~ The Wedding MC ~

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