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How To Turn An “Ordinary”
Reception Into A
FUN and Memorable Celebration
Even If You’re A First-Time Wedding MC

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Dear Wedding MC…

Many Wedding MCs are mistaken about wedding jokes and how they fit in at the reception.

You see, as much as the guests enjoy a funny joke, a reception is so much more than wedding humor or MC Jokes.

In fact, a reception can be very successful without any jokes at all because they play such a small and insignificant role at the reception compared to organizing a fun time.

That’s why if you have a choice between jokes and creating a fun reception, creating a fun reception will win hands down every time.

Wedding MC Jokes can be quickly forgotten. After all, you’re not a stand up comedian. And you’re not expected to entertain the guests as a comedian.

What’s MUCH more powerful and leaves a lasting memory is creating a FUN reception.

That’s why the inside secrets of How To Be A FUN Wedding MC will help you organize the reception and elevate it to a FUN and MEMORABLE celebration.

When it comes down to choosing between humor and a celebration, creating a FUN time will always outweigh jokes simply because a reception has so many events.

The reception will be a live performance and you’ll have only one chance to do everything right.

The last thing you want to do is disappoint the bride and groom on their special day by being unprepared and disorganized.

If you don’t know what to do…what to say…or how to prevent the reception from turning into an embarrassing disaster…and you’re looking for guidance that walks you through the important steps of the Wedding MC’s duties, then check out How To Be A FUN Wedding MC.

It’s a complete package of Wedding MC duties and responsibilities with checklists, preparation sheets, procedures, wedding games, audience participation games, and word-for-word scripts that even tell you what to say!

Checklists, Worksheets, Scripts And More…

You’ll have at your fingertips…

The MC’s Quick Start Checklist For Receptions that gets you up to speed fast

Detailed Emcee Checklists and Worksheets to ensure you don’t forget important – even vital – duties and responsibilities

A Sample Reception Agenda or Run Sheet – your critical outline to ensure the reception runs smoothly from start to finish

The MC’s Opening | Welcoming Speech to warm up the guests, create a celebratory atmosphere, and heighten the anticipation of the bride and groom’s arrival

Reception Audience Participation Games that heighten the mood and make the reception a FUN time

Entertainment Ideas to keep the guests laughing, entertained, and enjoying themselves

Word-for-Word Scripts to help you introduce – and smoothly transition into – different events throughout the reception

Amusing telegrams to entertain the guests with

And much, much more

PLUS, You’ll Get 5 Exclusive Bonuses
To Help You Create A
High Energy Reception…

Exclusive Bonus #1 – The Wedding MC’s Secret List Of FUN Ideas

The Wedding MC’s Secret List of FUN Ideas is a select group of powerful and FUN entertainment ideas that “kick up” a normal reception to make it a memorable occasion.

Exclusive Bonus #2 – Wedding MC’s Secret To Creating A FUN Reception

You’ll have a concise outline of six key areas that you can concentrate on to make virtually any type of reception – from short to long – a sensational time for the bride and groom and their guests.

Exclusive Bonus #3 – The Complete Step-by-Step Blueprint Of The Highly Entertaining “Just Married” Game

The “Just Married” Game is an adaptation of the highly popular “Newlywed” Game.

It’s entertaining. It’s funny. And you’ll have virtually everything you need to make it a hit at the reception.

Exclusive Bonus #4 – A Sample Skit You Can Modify And Use As Part Of The Reception Entertainment

Guests love humorous skits. And you can use this sample skit as a springboard for creating your own skit. Or use it as is and adapt it any way you wish.

Exclusive Bonus #5 – Sample Reception Agendas or Run Sheets

One of the most frequently asked questions by the Master of Ceremonies for a reception is about the Agenda or Run Sheet.

I know how important it is to have samples to work with so my comprehensive Guide has included an extra 5 Agenda Examples so you’ll have a nice range of samples from very short to long receptions.

A Complete Blueprint For The Master of Ceremonies

My comprehensive Guide helps you avoid the traps that many novice emcees fall into.

You’ll have an entire step-by-step blueprint of bridal party details, reception procedures, order of speeches and toasts, introductions, as well as super-powerful ideas on how to make the reception a FUN and memorable time for the bride and groom.

Whether you need MC scripts, an agenda or run sheet, reception games, reception activities, or fun reception ideas, How To Be A FUN Wedding MC can help you.

Plus, you’ll have MC Checklists and Worksheets that clearly outline your Duties and Responsibilities and show you how to turn an “ordinary” reception into a FUN and memorable one.

With my comprehensive Guide by your side you’ll know how to MC a reception from start to finish whether you’re standing in front of 50…100…200…or more guests.

Do yourself a favor and click on the following link right now to find out more about How To Be A FUN Wedding MC.

You’ll be glad you did.

Best Wishes In Your Duties and Responsibilities.

Mark Livingston

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