Wedding Reception Ideas

I mentioned in 2013 Wedding Trends that Food Trucks were becoming popular at receptions.

Another fun idea for a reception that has been growing in popularity is having a food bar or food station.

As with Food Trucks, there are many foods, drinks, confectioneries, and desserts that can be included in a food bar/station.

Generally, a food bar or food station is “themed” with one particular item – whether it’s food, drinks, desserts, or confectioneries.

For example, here are just a few ideas for a food bar/station: Sno-cones. Marshmallows. Pancakes. Yogurt swirls. Cupcakes. Specialty popcorn. Grilled cheese sandwiches. DIY S’mores. DIY burritos. DIY Tacos. Omelettes. French fries. Lemonade. Tea. Donuts. Coffee. Alcoholic drinks. Pasta. Hotdogs. BBQ. Sundaes. Ice cream (and ice cream cones). Wine. Sushi.

It’s a fun idea that the bride and groom might like to include at their reception.

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