How To MC A Wedding – Tip #6

Here is another question you might have as Wedding MC if you want to know how to MC a wedding.

Let’s supposed you’ve introduced the bridal party and the bride and groom during the Grand Entrance.

But you don’t know what comes after the Grand Entrance.

The next event in the reception depends on what has been planned and outlined on the wedding agenda or run sheet.

You see, there is no specific order of wedding events – they can be adjusted and changed according to the bride and groom’s wishes.

For example, if the wedding reception is a short, afternoon reception then there will be a limited number of wedding events as time permits.

A longer wedding reception that starts in the late afternoon or early evening is likely to have many more events.

Alternatively, for a longer wedding reception the events could be allotted more time. For example, there may be more wedding speeches and wedding toasts or there may be more wedding games or entertainment.

After introducing the wedding party and the bride and groom the next event in the wedding reception could be any number of choices including the main meal, wedding toasts and wedding speeches, the First Dance, the Special Dances, or anything else the bride and groom have chosen to include.

The purpose in creating the wedding agenda is not only to be a guide for your Wedding MC duties but also to make the wedding reception a fun celebration of the bride and groom’s marriage.

The wedding reception can contain traditional events but the overriding factor should be what makes the reception meaningful and special to the newlyweds.

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