Father of the Groom: What To Include In Your Speech

Dear Wedding Speaker,

"I’m the proud Father of the Groom. What should I say in my speech at the rehearsal dinner?"


Dear Father of the Groom:

The groom’s parents usually host the rehearsal dinner. It’s an informal occasion with close friends and family where you honor your son and his future wife.

As Father of the Groom, it’s traditional to say a few words and toast the bride and groom.

Start by welcoming your guests. Then talk briefly about your son – the fond memories you have, the times you’ve shared as father and son, and how proud you are of him.

Welcome your new daughter-in-law to your family. Perhaps mention the positive influence she’s had on your son since they’ve been a couple.

Offer your congratulations and ask the guests to raise their glasses to toast the happy couple.

The wedding rehearsal dinner isn’t the only place where you’ll probably make a wedding speech or Father of the Groom toast. There’s a good chance that you’ll also make a Father of the Groom Wedding Speech at the wedding reception.

To find the RIGHT words to convey the love and pride you have for your son – and to create a memorable Father of the Groom Wedding Speech for the wedding reception – check out Father of the Groom Wedding Speeches for information on how to prepare a sentimental and funny Father of the Groom Wedding Speech including jokes and toasts.

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