How To MC A Wedding – Tip #4

When you read about Wedding MC duties at the reception you might be led to believe that you take direction from the bride and groom or wedding planners on how to prepare for the wedding reception. Generally, that is true. The bride and groom - and the wedding planners - will have their requests, ideas, and specific instructions. But even if you're a novice Wedding MC … [Read more...]

How To MC A Wedding – Tip #3

In How To MC A Wedding, we show you how to begin your wedding reception planning. One of the hardest things to do as Wedding MC is to start preparing a wedding reception from scratch. Even if you're an experienced Wedding MC you still have to create a wedding agenda that is unique to the bride and groom. The Bride and Groom. Their personalities. The Wedding Party or … [Read more...]

How To MC A Wedding – Tip #2

One of the most helpful things the novice Wedding MC needs is Wedding MC Scripts. After all, if you've never been a Wedding MC before, you don't know what to say at the reception. When you're in front of 100 or more wedding guests, it's not a good idea to ad lib or "wing it" when it comes to making announcements - especially if you're a novice Wedding MC. That's why … [Read more...]

How To MC A Wedding – Tip #1

How To MC A Wedding is a new series of tips for the Wedding MC as he or she begins planning the wedding reception with the wedding planners. If you're the MC at a wedding then one of the most important things you'll need to know is what is expected of you as the Wedding MC. Because you're the Wedding MC the bride and groom and their parents will expect you to handle many … [Read more...]

MC At A Wedding – Wedding MC Reception Tip #11

Selecting wedding games is another key part of a Wedding MC's duties. You see, wedding games are becoming increasingly important when planning the wedding reception. In fact, entertainment and fun are two main ingredients to ensuring the guests have a memorable time at the reception. Surprisingly, the entertainment - which includes wedding games - is the most remembered … [Read more...]

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