How To MC A Wedding – Tip #3

In How To MC A Wedding, we show you how to begin your wedding reception planning. One of the hardest things to do as Wedding MC is to start preparing a wedding reception from scratch. Even if you're an experienced Wedding MC you still have to create a wedding agenda that is unique to the bride and groom. The Bride and Groom. Their personalities. The Wedding Party or … [Read more...]

MC At A Wedding – Wedding MC Reception Tip #10

The Wedding Reception Run Sheet (also known as the wedding reception agenda) is an important tool the Wedding MC uses during the wedding reception. The Wedding Reception Run Sheet outlines the sequence of events during the wedding reception - and can be used as a guide as the Wedding MC prepares for the reception. The Wedding Reception Run Sheet is more than an outline … [Read more...]

MC At A Wedding – Wedding MC Reception Tip #9

If you're the Wedding Emcee, you need to know the Order of Events (also known as the Wedding Reception Agenda) at the wedding reception - the same way you should know the Order of Toasts. The Order of Events at a wedding reception is quite flexible and will depend on how long the reception will run for. You can have wedding speeches and toasts before or after the main … [Read more...]

MC At A Wedding – Wedding MC Reception Tip #8

One of our readers asked "As Wedding Emcee, how do I toast the bride when I don't know her?" It's a good question because it shows the importance of having a Wedding MC Checklist. As Wedding MC you could very well be called upon to give a toast. Or you might be playing a dual role such as the Best Man and Wedding MC or the Father of the Groom and Wedding MC - in which … [Read more...]

MC At A Wedding – Wedding MC Reception Tip #1

Did you know that as Wedding Emcee you'll have to do much more than make a few announcements and introductions at the wedding reception? It's perfectly understandable if you didn't realize that. After all, that's what a master of ceremonies usually does - except when it comes to being the Wedding Emcee at a wedding reception. It's unfortunate, too, when all the Wedding MC … [Read more...]

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