Reasons To Use A Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a huge task for anyone – even a professional planner.

And many brides (and their mothers) choose to do the planning themselves.

There are, of course, some good reasons to hire a wedding planner to help with preparations for your big day as we learned from reading an article on

1. Your wedding planner can get things done faster because of his or her contacts and influence
2. You can save money because of the planner’s connections and a vendor’s desire for repeat business from the planner
3. Your planner is often able to negotiate better deals than you could
4. You have immediate access to the best industry vendors who have worked with your planner before
5. Your planner makes the planning process less stressful
6. Your planner becomes a mediator and negotiator when conflicts arise with friends, family, or vendors

Keep in mind that a wedding planner has only one allegiance – to the bride and groom. They’re role is to make the newlyweds’ vision come to life.

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