How To MC A Wedding – Tip #2

One of the most helpful things the novice Wedding MC needs is Wedding MC Scripts.

After all, if you’ve never been a Wedding MC before, you don’t know what to say at the reception.

When you’re in front of 100 or more wedding guests, it’s not a good idea to ad lib or “wing it” when it comes to making announcements – especially if you’re a novice Wedding MC.

That’s why scripts can be helpful – they boost your confidence and they can be prepared beforehand so you know exactly what you need to say.

The key times during the reception when you will be called upon to make formal announcements or to make introductions include:

>> Formal welcome where you introduce yourself to the wedding guests

>> Bridal party introductions

>> Grand Entrance of the bride and groom

>> Dinner announcement

>> Introducing the wedding speeches segment of the reception

>> Formal introductions of speakers for wedding speeches and wedding toasts and important guests

>> Announcing the Special Dances including the First Dance

>> Announcing the cake cutting

>> Announcing bouquet toss

>> Announcing garter toss

>> Announcing the newlywed’s farewell at the end of the reception

Of course, there are other times when you will be making announcements during the reception including special introductions and general announcements regarding facilities and beverages.

When making introductions, make sure you pronounce people’s names correctly. There’s nothing more embarrassing than mispronouncing someone’s name – especially that of the bride or groom.

Be sure to practice your scripts and announcements once you’ve written them out.

Practice will ensure a smooth delivery and help you with any polishing you might need to make.

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