The Best Man’s Wedding Speech: 5 Embarrassing Mistakes To Avoid

You’ve been asked to give your best man’s wedding speech at the reception to honor the newlyweds.

Before you do, though, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid to make sure your speech is a success…

1. Being unprepared.

Preparing your speech on the closest wedding favor – such as a napkin – five minutes before you’re going to give it, is a recipe for disaster.

Spend time preparing and rehearsing your presentation so it sounds natural and you feel comfortable giving it.

2. Creating distractions.

Moving around or jingling those keys and coins in your pocket might make you feel less nervous but they’ll divert the wedding guests’ attention from what you’re saying.

Stay in one spot. And if there is a podium, rest your hands on it to avoid making gestures that are unrelated to your speech.

3. Failing to memorize the important parts of your speech.

Memorizing your opening and closing sentences – as well as the wedding toast – will boost your confidence and settle your nerves.

4. Failing to close your speech properly.

Your closing statements will lead to the toast. So make sure you have a strong finish that transitions smoothly to your tribute to the bride and groom.

5. Diverting attention away from the bride and groom.

When you’re giving a wedding speech to honor the bride and groom, talk about them – not yourself.

Remember to look at them from time to time as you’re delivering your presentation and especially when giving the wedding toast.

Avoiding these 5 best man wedding speech mistakes will go a long way to helping you deliver a powerful presentation that the bride and groom and wedding guests will appreciate and remember.

For more wedding speech tips and tricks that help you create a presentation the guests will rave about, be sure to request your Free Best Man’s Wedding Speech Guide.

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