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Wedding MC Jokes are essential for every Master of Ceremonies because you're not only an announcer and speaker, you're also an entertainer during the reception.

Wedding MC Jokes play an important role for every MC. They can be used to introduce speakers. They can be used to make announcements. And they can be used when theres a "lull" in the reception events to keep the guests entertained.

Keep in mind that as Master of Ceremonies, you have a lot riding on your shoulders.

The planners will expect professionalism and tact from you. And they'll rely on you to use clean and tasteful material throughout the reception.

Here are 8 steps to making your Wedding MC Jokes the highlight of the reception:

1. Select Tasteful Jokes And Adapt Them To Your Audience

When selecting material, make sure it's suitable for the guests. Consider the guests' age range, ethnicity, and general backgrounds. For example, are they hard-working, blue collar workers, sophisticated people from the city, or a mixture of both.

Generally, your material should be appropriate for all adults.

2. Choose Jokes That You Think Are Funny

Read through your collection of jokes. Do you like the lead up? Does the punch line come as a surprise to you and makes you laugh?

Material that you find funny will be your starting point to creating a collection for the reception.

3. Try Your Material On Your Friends or Family

Don't wait to the last minute to find out whether your material is appropriate.

Test them out ahead of time with your friends and family to see if they laugh at them.

Select new material or revise the material you've selected if your friends don't laugh or if they think it's inappropriate.

4. Memorize Your Material Word-For-Word

Telling your MC Jokes should be almost second nature to you.

Make sure you memorize the punch line so it's perfect. And make sure you don't reveal or give away the punch line until the end of the joke.

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5. Sound Conversational

Want to know how you can make your material sound conversational? Use actual incidents (or make them sound like "actual" incidents) or actual names.

6. Rehearse Your Material

Practicing until you have the timing and rhythm down perfectly is the secret to success and increases your chances of getting the laugh you're looking for.

7. Don't Announce That You're Going To Tell A Wedding Joke

Your style should be conversational. You're not expected to be a stand up comedian. And you shouldn't announce you're going to tell a joke - doing so reduces its impact.

8. Decide Where You'll Be Using Your Jokes During The Reception

Mark down on the reception agenda where you'll be introducing your MC Jokes. Usually, that will be when making announcements, when introducing speakers, and after a speech.

When you consider how much money is spent on a wedding, you want to ensure that you don't ruin the bride and groom's perfect day by saying something that's inappropriate.

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Download this collection well before the reception so you have plenty of time to rehearse your material before including it in the reception agenda.

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