Order of wedding toasts

Order of Wedding Speeches
And Wedding Toasts

One of the most common questions I receive is What is the order of wedding speeches and toasts?

The order of wedding speeches and toasts at a wedding event is different for each event so be sure to check out the following tips to use as a guide.

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Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Who Toasts At The
Wedding Engagement Party?

Wedding toasts are a big part of the pre-wedding celebrations leading up to the wedding.

These toasts are usually preceded with short wedding speeches.

Here is a suggested order of wedding toasts at a wedding engagement party:

1. Father of the Bride

The first toast at the engagement party is traditionally made by the Father of the Bride.

It’s the time to formally announce the engagement – even though it’s no secret to anyone attending the party!

And it’s also the time for the Father of the Bride to express his happiness and to wish the couple his best wishes.

The exception to the Father of the Bride’s traditional role of proposing the first toast is when the Mother of the Bride is hosting the party.

If that’s the case, it’s entirely appropriate for her to give the first toast.

2. Groom

The groom proposes a toast to his bride. It’s also customary for him to toast his bride’s family.

3. Friends and relatives

The engagement party is an informal event where friends and relatives may also join in and express their good wishes to the happy couple.

Who Toasts At The
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

The wedding rehearsal dinner is a more intimate and casual occasion than the wedding reception where family and close friends gather before the formal wedding day.

The order of wedding toasts is less formal at the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is hosted by the Mother and Father of the Groom.

The Father of the Groom welcomes the guests and proposes a toast to the bride and groom.

These days any of the following people may be asked to – or even spontaneously – give a toast:

Mother of the Groom

Father of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

Best Man

Maid or Matron of Honor



Close family, relatives, and friends

The bride and groom will thank everyone for attending and for their good wishes.

Traditionally, the wedding rehearsal dinner is also the time for the bride and groom to present gifts to wedding party members.

Who Toasts At The
Wedding Reception?

The order of toasts at the wedding reception will be more formal than at the rehearsal dinner.

The order of toasts – and wedding speeches – is entirely up to the wedding planners.

If you’re the Wedding MC, you’ll meet with the wedding planners and indicate the order of toasts and speeches the wedding planners agree to.

Most wedding toasts are preceded by a short wedding speech – usually a few minutes in length.

The wedding speech concludes with the wedding toast.

For a traditional English wedding, the order of wedding speeches – which include toasts – is as follows:

1. Father of the Bride
2. Groom
3. Best Man

The Best Man’s speech is primarily about the groom. The Best Man can also respond to the toast to the bridesmaids that the groom gave in his wedding thank you speech.

While there is no definitive order of wedding speeches that must be strictly adhered to, a suggested order of wedding speeches – and accompanying toasts – for discussion purposes with the wedding planners could be as follows:

1. Best Man
2. Father of the Groom
3. Father of the Bride
4. Groom
5. Bride
6. Friends and relatives
7. Maid or Matron of Honor
8. Bridesmaids
9. Mother of the Groom
10. Mother of the Bride

The Best Man usually gives the first toast to the bride and groom. It’s the only toast that is expected at the wedding reception.

All other toasts – and accompanying wedding speeches – at the wedding reception are optional and their inclusion is at the discretion of the wedding planners.

Who Do You Toast?

Generally, each wedding speaker will toast both the bride and groom after his or her speech.

There may be situations where special toasts are proposed to either the bride or groom or both.

Here are some examples of who to toast depending upon your role at the wedding reception:

The Father of the Bride may toast the bride and groom.

He may toast the bride on behalf of himself or on behalf of himself and his wife.

He may toast the groom’s family and welcome them.

The Father of the Bride may also propose separate toasts to the groom and to the wedding party and guests.

The Father of the Groom may offer toasts to the groom, the bride and groom, and to the bride’s parents.

In toasting the bride’s parents, the father of the groom may thank them for their hospitality and let them know that he welcomes the opportunity to strengthen the friendship between the parents.

The Best Man toasts the bride and groom.

The Maid (or Matron) of Honor toasts the bride.

The Bride toasts her handsome groom.

The Groom toasts his beautiful bride and might also offer a toast to the bridesmaids.

Keep in mind the wedding reception is a celebration and many people may wish to honor the bride and groom with a short wedding speech and toast.

You may also open the event to those wedding guests – including close friends, relatives, and grandparents – who want to toast the bride and groom.

Special Toast To The Hosts

One wedding toast you can include in the order of toasts is often overlooked.

But it will have special meaning to those who have contributed to making the wedding reception a memorable event for the newlyweds.

It’s the special tribute to the wedding reception hosts – who traditionally are the Father of the Bride and the Mother of the Bride.

You can designate who will make the toast – the Best Man…or the Maid of Honor…or the Wedding MC are good choices.

Because this is a special tribute, this toast doesn’t need to be introduced with a long wedding speech.

All this wedding toast needs is a short acknowledgment – and heartfelt thanks – for arranging the memorable event.

The hosts have contributed time – and usually money – to making the wedding reception a special event for the bride and groom.

So when you’re planning the wedding agenda, be sure to include a special tribute to honor them in your order of wedding toasts.

Create A Lasting Memory For The Bride and Groom
With A Memorable Wedding Speech and Toast

Many wedding toasts are preceded by a short speech.

In fact, a wedding speech would be incomplete without finishing with a toast to the newlyweds. And a wedding toast would be incomplete without a short speech – or at the very least a preamble – before the wedding toast.

The following Wedding Speech Templates include wedding toasts, wedding jokes, wedding quotations, and professionally written wedding speeches you can use for your wedding speech and toast…

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Father of Bride Speech and Toasts

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Father of the Groom Speech and Toasts

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Mother of Bride Speech and Toasts

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Maid of Honor Speech and Toasts

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This is your opportunity to shine at the wedding events and convey your best wishes without stealing the bride and groom’s limelight.

So be fully prepared with an outstanding wedding speech and wedding toast you’ve created from your sample speech templates.

When you’ve finished your wedding speech and toast, here’s something you can do to make it even more special: Print out your wedding speech and toast on quality bond paper and present it to the bride or groom after the wedding as a keepsake for the newlywed’s wedding book.

I wish you every success with your wedding speech and wedding toast.

~ The Wedding Speaker ~

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Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Order of wedding toasts

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